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Member Photo Gallery

What's the next best thing to being on Lake Burton?  Why, enjoying the LBCA member gallery of  images of our favorite lake, of course!  Here's how you can contribute to our collection:

E-mail your favorite Lake Burton image to us and, if we agree that it is representative of our beautiful lake, it will be posted here for everyone to enjoy.  Give us your name and a description including when and where the picture was taken.  Keep in mind that copyrighted images must include written permission from the copyright holder to be reproduced on the LBCA website.  Send your submissions to:  lbca@lbca.net.

Enjoying the lake, Submission from Jeffrey Johnson.
Suzanne and Randy Phillips - "Bosco." Just drying after a dip in the lake!
Tim Ward - Looking into Moccasin Creek Cove on a cloudy morning.
Jim Bagwell - Even a cloudy day affords the opportunity for a beautiful sunrise! Timpson Cove with Glassy Mountain on the right.
Jim Bagwell - Rays of sunlight interacting with a partly cloudy sky mark the start of another beautiful day on Lake Burton. Taken across the main lake toward Glassy Mountain and Timpson Cove.
Jim Bagwell - Clouds shroud the mid elevations of Charlie Mountain at sunrise.
Jim Bagwell - As an early summer rainstorm makes its way up Lake Burton's Timpson Cove, the sun momentarily breaks through in a rainbow to illuminate Glassy Mountain.
Jim Bagwell - Waiting for the start of the 2004 Lake Burton fireworks.
Michael Maffett - Sunset from the deck of Waterfall Country Club 6/23/18.
Spence Rosenfeld - Early morning clouds above and reflected below Charlie Mountain.
Melissa Carroll - "Just another evening on Lake Burton."
Harry Mills - "Sailor's Delight."
Michael Maffett - William Bartram, the famed naturalist, rode his horse to the top of Pinnacle Knob (which looms above Clayton) in 1775. Mike retraced the journey with faithful companion "Koo."
Spence Rosenfeld - Sunrise over Charlie Mountain frozen in a perfect moment.
Mike Maffett - Cascade in the Rock Mountain Gorge on Tallulah River.
Jim Bagwell - Sunset looking up Timpson Cove across Lake Burton.
Harry Mills - Fun on an early summer day in 2015.
Harry and Sandy Mills - July 4th, 2014 sunset shot across the mouth of Dick's Creek toward Hogg Island.
Harry Mills - Early fall off of Laurel Lodge Road at the mouth of Wildcat Cove.
Michael Maffett - The old Burton School, now in an advanced state of decay and being consumed by the forest.
Michael Maffett - "Koo the Pooh", resting along the old flume above Dickenson Branch that carried water for gold mining until about 1915.
Melissa Elzey - 2017 Lake Burton fireworks from the point at Rainbow Village.
Melissa Elzey - 2017 Lake Burton fireworks from the point at Rainbow Village.
Melissa Elzey - 2017 Lake Burton fireworks from the point at Rainbow Village.
Melissa Elzey - 2017 Lake Burton fireworks from the point at Rainbow Village.
Spence Rosenfeld - Sunrise over a winter wonderland across the main lake with Burton Island and Charlie Mountain in the distance.
Ann Alexander - Our “Cherokee kids” decided to do their own cleanup.

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