Lake Burton Civic Association

LBCA Foundation Advocate Program

By LBCA Member Lin Goen

In June 2023, I became an Advocate for an LBCA scholarship recipient. My duties as an Advocate are to keep in touch with the student at least once every three months and to be a resource and encourager for them.  

Marlen is a first-generation college student in her family. She is attending the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, majoring in Business. She is a hard worker who maintained good grades in high school while working full-time as a Walmart grocery picker. We got to know each other this year by getting together a few times for lunch and cooking a meal together, which she took home to her family. We also texted several times to catch up.  

During this first year, she was timid. We met in June this year, and I was excited to see how she had grown in confidence during her first year away from home.  Marlen chatted comfortably and told me the great news that she was on the Dean’s list and had also been able to meet all her needs between the scholarships she had received (LBCAF and HOPE) and her work.  

She finished the first year debt-free and has that as a goal for her remaining years.  She has been delightful, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be her Advocate for these four years. I’m sure we will remain friends and keep in touch after she has graduated. 

The Scholarship Committee is looking for more LBCA members to partner with students and become Advocates for our scholarship students. We especially need people interested in mentoring in the following medical areas:
•Dental hygiene
•Occupational Therapist 

If you would be willing to help in this way, please contact Lin Goen at 770-356-1758.