Lake Burton Civic Association


The Lake Burton Civic Association (LBCA) hosted its 9th Annual Cleanup the Lake Day on Friday, May 10, witnessing an impressive turnout of over 50 volunteers from the local community. The event was a testament to the community's commitment, with participants successfully removing a significant amount of trash and debris, equivalent to a full dumpster, from the cherished Lake Burton.

"The Lake Burton Civic Association’s ninth annual  Lake Clean Up Day was a smashing success with 15 boats and over 50 volunteers partnering with a team from Georgia Power to clean debris from every area of the lake!" said Yolanda Adrean, LBCA Water Quality Chair. "Special thanks to the many Clayton Rotarians who came also came out to team up with us. Thanks go out to all who made a commitment to help keep Lake Burton Clean and clear of hazardous debris."

The cleanup was a true community effort, with dedicated volunteers from the LBCA, the Clayton Rotary Club, and a team from Georgia Power. Georgia Power's contribution was particularly significant, as it provided a barge and essential equipment and even treated the volunteers to a well-deserved Chick-fil-A lunch.

The event was a testament to Lake Burton residents' deep commitment to preserving their lake's natural beauty. By removing a significant amount of trash and debris, the volunteers revitalized the lake's splendor and safeguarded the local wildlife and recreational activities. The cleanup's success underscored the community's power and the crucial role of environmental stewardship.