Lake Burton Civic Association

Volunteers Successfully Complete Water Testing Course

 The Lake Burton Community Association (LBCA), Savannah Riverkeeper (SRK), and Veterans for Clean Water are thrilled to announce the successful completion of a comprehensive water testing course by a dedicated group of volunteers. The training marks a significant step forward in efforts to monitor and ensure the water quality of Lake Burton.

The training session took place on Saturday, August 26, and was attended by a diverse group of lake homeowners. The volunteers received a comprehensive four-hour classroom and hands-on training session, equipping them with the necessary skills to conduct water testing on Lake Burton.

"I was delighted to have such a big group of Rabun County homeowners from Lake Burton and Lake Rabun gathered at my home last weekend," said Elizabeth Gill, President of LBCA. "After the four-hour classroom and hands-on training class, we are certified to conduct water testing on the lake. We mapped out where we will test and broke into teams. We intend to test our lake water each month."

What Training Covered
The training covered essential topics such as water sampling techniques, understanding water quality parameters, data collection, and analysis. The volunteers gained insights into the significance of regular water testing, preserving the lake's ecological balance, and safeguarding the health and well-being of the communities that rely on its resources.

The volunteers are poised to contribute to ongoing water quality monitoring efforts alongside LBCA and SRK by completing this training. The data collected through their testing will provide crucial information about the current state of water cleanliness in Lake Burton and Rabun, aiding in formulating effective strategies to maintain their environmental integrity.

The collaboration between LBCA, SRK, and Veterans for Clean Water highlights the shared commitment to preserving the natural beauty and resources of Lake Burton. This initiative underscores the importance of community involvement in environmental conservation, empowering residents to participate in the stewardship of their surroundings actively. 

About Savannah Riverkeeper and Veterans for Clean Water
Savannah Riverkeeper is a nonprofit advocacy organization working to better the Savannah River watershed through restoration, protection, and education.

Veterans For Clean Water (VCFW) is a proud program of Savannah Riverkeeper. Their mission is simple: better, healthier, cleaner water shouldn’t be a privilege. Their unit works to clean local waterways, sample popular recreation spots, and better neighborhoods.