Lake Burton Civic Association

LBCAF Donates Funds for New Mattresses at Victory Home

The Lake Burton Civic Association (LBCA) Foundation donated a $9,250 grant to Victory Home, a faith-based addiction recovery center in Tallulah Falls, Georgia. The grant purchased 30 new mattresses to provide adequate sleeping conditions for men in the residential program. The men were sleeping on 15-year-old shared mattresses.

Mark Beach, executive director at Victory Home, was overcome with gratitude due to the generosity of the LBCA Foundation and its donors.  “Please know that your generosity goes beyond financial assistance; you are actually giving a man hope,” said Beach. “Many of the men that come to Victory Home feel hopeless. While men are in the program, they can begin to dream of a future; they experience healing and reconciliation with family. These things are priceless.”

The comfort of a bed is often taken for granted. For men struggling with addiction, a night of comfort and restful sleep is not always guaranteed. Many addicts are burdened with the inability to sleep at night due to damage from alcohol or drug use. Sleeping on an inadequate mattress contributes to this inability to get restful sleep.

Providing a comfortable space for the men to sleep is crucial in their rehabilitation process because it increases the likelihood of restful sleep and productivity. 

LBCA Foundation Support

The support of the LBCA Foundation provides a physical place of comfort for the residents of Victory Home. It conveys that their community is rooting for their revitalization. 

The monetary donation from the LBCA Foundation and the kindness of its donors will significantly contribute to the rehabilitation of the men of Victory Home. The grant has replaced the old mattresses and provided a comfortable space for the residents to sleep while expressing support from the community towards all of the men at Victory Home who are working to heal from their addictions.

The generosity of the LBCA Foundation has given rest and hope to the devoted men of Victory Home as they continue on their journey to recovery. 

‚ÄčAbout Victory Homes

Victory Home is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry offering biblical therapy and counseling to men battling drug and alcohol addiction. Victory Home has both residential and transitional programs. The programs aim to use biblical truth to educate and rehabilitate men struggling with addiction.