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Annual Lake Burton Cleanup

Cleanup Week | May 8-15

During Cleanup Week May 8-15, we encourage every family on pristine Lake Burton to spend the weekend and/or week before our Annual Cleanup Day retrieving floating debris along their shoreline and docks.

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Cleanup Day | Fri, May 13, 9-11:30 a.m.

Cleanup Day will be on Friday, May 13, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. We will retrieve items that remain in the main body of the lake. Please register to join us by clicking on the link below.

Register Here


  1. Our focus today is to retrieve any debris on the water.
  2. Approach and retrieve only items small enough to fit in the trash bags provide. Branches may be cut into smaller sizes.
  3. In the area that you are assigned, work the banks first looking for items that have floated from the shore or deposited by a feeder stream. Once that is accomplished use an elongated “S” pattern to scout the open water.
  4. Large items that you determine to be too large to retrieve can be marked with milk jugs that are provided. If you don’t have a milk jug available, please note the location so we can go back and tag the flotsam.
  5. Please report the conditions in your area and any other concerns that you observe to
  6. If you finish before 11:30 am, please offload your bags at the Murray Cove ramp dumpster. Take with you my heartfelt thanks, and the appreciate to all our volunteers for your efforts today.
  7. Lunch will be provided to all volunteers, so make sure you register using this link!

Be safe. If you have questions during the morning call me at 770-861-2400.

Thanks for volunteering!

Jef Fincher
Cleanup Day Chair

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