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2021 LBCAF Impact Grant Awarded

LBCAF 2021 Grant RecipientCommunity Dental/Clayton Rotary Foundation (CRF) received a $10,000 grant from the Lake Burton Civic Association Foundation (LBCAF). This award, called the LBCAF Impact Award, is given annually to a non-profit group making a difference in the Rabun County community.

Community Dental is a low-cost dental clinic in Rabun County operated entirely by volunteers, including many LBCA members.

Mike Hammer, Chair of the LBCA Grant Committee, stated, "Community Dental and their volunteers illustrate the impact groups like this can have in the Rabun community."

Tim Ranney, Chair of the CRF, said "on behalf of all our volunteers, patients, and everyone in Rabun County we are so excited and proud to be their LBCA Impact Grant Recipient of this year."

The Dental Clinic plans to use the grant money in the following ways:

  • To set up a third dental operation, complete with chair, light, and dental equipment apparatus.
  • To allow for the right-handed as well as the left-handed volunteer dentists to provide care to our patients.
  • To purchase new computer equipment so that a recently donated panoramic x-ray machine can provide a complete set of dental x-rays and send images directly to the patient chart.

About Community Dental

Community Dental opened in the Rabun County Public Health Department in April 2021. It exists to address the most urgent dental needs, which are extractions. Lower-income patients cannot afford dental care to manage chronic tooth pain. They charge a flat fee of $10 for supplies per visit. The uninsured cost can be $300-$500 per tooth, and many patients need several teeth extracted.

The clinic is open three days a month and sees about 10-12 patients each day. Any dentist, hygienist, dental assistant or someone with good telephone skills to be a screener or help with other non-clinical administrative duties please to help.

About the LBCAF

The LBCAF was formed by the LBCA in 2000 as a supporting 501(c)(3) charitable foundation to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. A portion of the LBCA dues and all donations received are transferred to the LBCAF. All money raised by the LBCA Tour of Homes and the Annual LBCA Golf Tournament is earmarked for the Foundation in support of the Lake Burton area VFDs and other Rabun County charities.

During the last 15 years, LBCAF and LCBA have contributed over $550,000 to support the three VFDs serving Lake Burton. These contributions have made it possible to purchase equipment, supplemental insurance, and other needs not funded by Rabun County. Contributions of over $115,000 to the LBCAF made it possible to purchase the Lake Burton fire and rescue boat and build the boathouse on Murray Cove to house the boat, plus a Georgia Department of Natural Resources ranger boat. The LBCAF and the LBCA have also made donations to support various Rabun County charitable organizations of over $110,000.

Community Dental Clinic, LBCA Member Volunteers

  • Dr. Tom Callahan
  • Becky Callahan
  • Dr. Brian Davis
  • Leif Ericson
  • Katherine Grice
  • Dr. Gabe Hotard 
  • Amy Hulett
  • Katie Kelly 
  • Dan Marlow
  • Marcia Ranney 
  • Tim Ranney
  • Dr. Mollie Winston

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