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Temperatures are rising in north Georgia and Lake Burton is beautiful this time of year.  If you head for the lake this spring or summer, we would like to suggest several things while at the lake with your family.  Please remember that this is not a normal season for lake activities due to COVID-19.  This applies not only to lake activities but also to Clayton and other businesses around the lake.

  • When the lake fills each spring large logs and other debris often float just below the surface of the lake.  Please drive carefully and slower, watching for these hidden objects in the lake.

  • COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC should also apply at your lake home.  This may not be a good time to invite friends to your lake house, just like you would not invite friends to stay at your primary home right now.  Social distancing becomes almost impossible while sharing meals or bathrooms and boats.

  • We suggest wiping down your boat after each use if others have been on your boat.  Keep disinfectant wipes on your boat.  Clean objects that may have been touched.  Steering wheels or pontoon doors are examples.

  • Currently, Georgia Power Company has no new restrictions regarding COVID-19 that relate to the use of the lake.  They have informed us; however, that this is a fluid situation.

  • Centennial Activities Calendar.  We plan to make announcements in the near future regarding upcoming centennial events.  You will be notified via email, Facebook and Instagram should any centennial event be postponed or cancelled.

  • Local restaurants are currently providing takeout service only.  Check their website or call them to inquire for up-to-date conditions.  Waterfall Club is closed until April 18th.  They have started a takeout option Wednesday thru Saturday and it is available to all LBCA members.  Call them at 706-212-4000 for more information on this offering.  The Farmhouse Restaurant  is closed until April 18th; however, The Farmhouse Market is open for takeout options, fresh produce and a new hot lunch takeout offering.  Phone 706-782-4646.  These local businesses appreciate your support during these difficult times.

  • Lake Burton’s marina updates for gas or other items:  Laprade's Marina is scheduled to open April 3rd.  The Chophouse is closed; however, they plan to offer a takeout window downstairs.  Anchorage Marina will open April 10th with no services available until that date, except for boat repairs.  This means no gas is available on the lake until April 3rd.

  • Second homeowners love Lake Burton like local residents or lake full-timers do.  Just remember that full-timers on the lake and the residents of Clayton and the surrounding area take COVID-19 very seriously because it is their full-time home just like  your primary home.  Local residents and your neighbors may take issue with any party gatherings at the lake given these dangerous times.

This information can change, and we will do our best to keep you informed via email, the LBCA website, Facebook and Instagram.  We strongly suggest that members review these LBCA sources prior to any trip to the lake this spring or summer.



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