Lake Burton Civic Association Foundation

Lake Burton Civic Association, Inc. (LBCA) and its supporting foundation, Lake Burton Civic Association Foundation, Inc. (LBCAF) are related not-for-profit organizations. The purposes of LBCA and LBCAF are to promote and maintain the interests and concerns of the Lake Burton area residents in identifying and resolving mutual problems regarding safety, security, county services, and water quality. LBCA and LBCAF provide significant support to the Volunteer Fire Departments (VFDs) and other Volunteer Organizations serving the Lake Burton area, and maintain liaison with Georgia Power Company. All persons (including co-owners and family members) who own, lease or share property in the Lake Burton area are encouraged to join LBCA.

Lake Burton Civic Association Foundation, Inc. was formed by LBCA in 2000 as a supporting 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation to receive tax deductable charitable contributions. A portion of the LBCA dues, and all donations received, are transferred to LBCAF. All money raised by the LBCA Home Tours and Golf Tournaments is earmarked for the Foundation in support of the Lake Burton area VFDs and other Rabun County charities.

During the last 15 years, LBCAF and LCBA have contributed over $550,000 to support the three VFDs serving Lake Burton. These contributions have made it possible to purchase equipment, supplemental insurance and other needs not funded by Rabun County. Contributions of over $115,000 to LBCAF made it possible to purchase the Lake Burton Fire and Rescue Boat and build the boat house on Murray Cove in which to house the boat and a GA DNR Ranger boat. LBCAF and LBCA have also made donations to support various Rabun County Charitable Organizations of over $110,000.

Download a copy of our IRS Charitable Foundation letter:  501(c)(3) Letter