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Saturday, June 23, 2018.


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Lake Burton Water Level

Please be aware that due to the recent amount of heavy rain in north Georgia, the water level of Lake Burton has risen considerably in a very short period of time. As of 2/20/18, Lake Burton’s elevation was 1864.04. Full elevation is 1866.60. According to many weather statements, additional rain is predicted for north Georgia. Georgia Power (GP) cannot release any more water from Lake Burton because the lakes down the chain of Georgia Power lakes are at high elevation also.

According to Jeff Jackson, after their research regarding the effects on neighboring lakes and rivers, GP has determined that it can go ahead and pull Lake Burton’s water level down three (3) feet, and then hold it there for about two (2) weeks. After that, they plan to allow the lake to come back up to full pool on its natural schedule, and it probably will be up to full by April 1st.

This draw down will provide a cushion of time for homeowners and contractors (most of whom lost valuable work time during the severe cold spell back in January) to finish their shoreline maintenance and construction projects. The execution of this plan is, of course, assuming that there are no more severe rain events during this time period. If a severe rain event occurs, GP will have to adjust their plan accordingly. Also, expect some minor variations depending upon alternating wet and dry weather conditions.

We understand your concern regarding any current or scheduled shoreline construction and maintenance at your Lake Burton property. However, no one can control Mother Nature, and the amount of rain that falls on North Georgia. We suggest that you check or have someone check on your lake home to make sure that all boats, property, and construction materials are secure.

If you would like to monitor the lake level, go to https://lakes.southernco.com. If there are any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,
Janis Stapleton
President LBCA

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Boating Safety

Please be careful on the lake and make sure you and your guests are up to speed on current boating laws and safety. Read more.

Boathouse Signs

The LBCA recommends purchasing “No Wake” and “Boathouse” signs for your boathouse. For more info and to order, click here.